meet kayla

Hi, there!  Welcome to Curated by Kayla.  I've created this blog as a means to share the elements of my life that I simply couldn't convey with image uploads to Instagram. After years of wanting to make the leap to blogging, I'm finally diving in head first.

As a twenty-something navigating the beginnings of my career in the travel industry, I hope to share an honest approach to the struggles — and successes — of young adulthood.  Whether it's tackling my goal of running the NYC Marathon or sprinting to the gate of my next flight, I am always on the run.  So, I will be using this space as a reminder to pause, reflect, write and hopefully connect with you offline.

My role in social media marketing brings me to some pretty exciting destinations, so you can expect incremental doses of travel inspiration along the way.  While collecting passport stamps is no longer the center of my universe (as it was during my three semesters abroad in college), wanderlust is still at my core.  So, when I'm not able to hop on a plane, you can find me exploring nearby New York City.