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nyc marathon: t-10 days

nyc marathon: t-10 days

The countdown is officially on with only ten days remaining until the world's largest marathon. With 500+ miles logged, it's time to embrace taper and "trust the process" as our running coach, Nina, would say! So, I'm using this time period of decreased mileage as an opportunity to look back at the training journey.


While volunteering with Habitat for Humanity of Bergen County last fall, I heard about their five marathon spots. Basically, charity entry affords runners the opportunity to secure a bib in addition to supporting their community. When it came time to decide if I was "in" or not, running for Habitat was a no-brainer.  After excepting the challenge to raise $2500 to support their affordable housing mission, I was officially on the road to achieving my long-time goal of running the NYC Marathon!


shape half marathon

prior to diving into our full marathon training, Lianna + I participated in the #womenruntheworld half by Shape Magazine

Fortunately, two other coworkers involved in the Habitat for Humanity build day were interested in running, too!  My colleague / bestie, Lianna, has run NY twice before, so her perspective has been invaluable from the start.  While running is an individual sport in many ways, having an accountabil-a-buddy makes a world of difference.

Not wanting to start from "zero," we intensified our running frequency in the spring. After participating in the Shape Half Marathon in late April, we picked up the pace and began the official start of our #TSCNYCMarathon training plan in late May. Everyone's base level of fitness is different, so some people will start their plans later in the summer, but we wanted to be proactive and take it slow.


training officially started in may

our 23-week plan was expertly designed by our running coach to increase mileage safely

I couldn't recommend seeking the professional guidance of a certified running coach enough. Having an expert to customize a training plan that's tailored to your fitness level and marathon goals is vital! Lianna and I were lucky enough to have our NYRR-certified coach, Nina, as a resource to turn to throughout the entire six-month training process.

As you can imagine, life would often get in the way of our running schedule. Nina was there to create and alter our plan based on travel schedules, injuries and workouts we missed when we were just plain lazy (it happens!). Especially towards the end of the journey when so many of the hurtles are mental, it's incredible to have someone who can talk to you in "running language."


As we near the end of this crazy half year journey, I'm feeling a range of emotions. I'm thrilled to have exceeded my fundraising goal with $2850 raised thanks to my incredibly generous company, family and friends. Now, it's time to focus on crossing the finish line with a smile on my face.

sri lanka, you had me at "ayubowan"

sri lanka, you had me at "ayubowan"