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If you're not familiar with Brit + Co, a media company with some serious personality, I strongly recommend a dive into their content. With a mission to "inspire, entertain and educate real women with a creative spirit," I find their articles, videos and [of course] social posts ultra-relatable.  So, when I found out they had a pop-up shop coming to Soho, the question wasn't if I was going but when.


promising vibes, even from across the block

Situated perfectly on Broadway, the venue was eye-candy even from the outside.  Upon walking in, it was immediately clear that the aesthetic of the pop-up was Insta heaven! Each section of the space had its own vibe which flowed perfectly to create a sensory overload experience. Subtle co-branding from partners like Disney and Lyft were splashed with loads of bright colors and fun textures and we were barely sure where to focus our attention first.


Soon after perusing each distinct part of the pop-up, it was time to settle in for the main event.  Brit + Co's founder, Brit Morin, opened up Saturday evening's #CreateGood, bringing her incredible energy to a packed room. The lineup of speakers for the art themed night ranged from performance artist Shantell Martin to Instagram star Sam Ushiro to famed Martha Stewart editor Darcy Miller.

While I didn't take a ton of photos during the presentations, I absorbed some great content from the women on stage. The message that resonated most closely was the advice to "just go for it." For so many months, I'd been making excuses for not publishing this blog.  But ultimately, each creator who spoke had to start somewhere; and a commonality amongst each influential woman was that they pursued their passions, despite any fears that may have experienced.


"I'm extremely lucky that my passion - making and creating - is also my career."
- Brit Morin

While I don't know that I'll ever feel completely comfortable sharing my experiences and reflections here, I'm somehow compelled to do it anyways.  As I gravitate towards writing more, combined with urge to connect with other creatives, a blog feels like the most relevant platform to satisfy those passions.  I suppose what I'm struggling with most now is how I can provide value to others with this content.


My aim in the next couple of months is to follow my intuition as I test out this new space. I'm not sure what my answer is to the prompt, "I live to ______" so this is my attempt to begin figuring that out! Travel, marketing and healthful living are key themes in my life, so I hope that this blog can help to highlight aspects of those passions that may resonate with others who are interested in similar things.


Of course, I wouldn't have the courage to walk this path without the support of my family and friends. I have to give a special shoutout to my bestie and roommate, Lianna, for not only being willing to traipse into Manhattan with me for events like #CreateGood after running a half marathon in the morning, but also for encouraging me to press publish. Sometimes, the gentle nudge of others is just what you need to forge ahead.


super fun moment meeting brit + co founder, Brit Morin

To wrap it up, a big thanks to the Brit + Co team for putting on such an incredible event.  The energy of the women you gathered in one room truly gave me the inspiration I needed to push forward with this project!  Looking forward to all that's ahead as I strive to carry through these themes and create good in my daily life, shared with each of you right here.

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nyc marathon: t-10 days

nyc marathon: t-10 days

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a taste of nantucket